Under the brand name CANNEXOL, the CBD oil manufactured by cannhelp GmbH was registered and approved as a food supplement for the European market for several years and was regularly tested for food quality and food safety.

However, due to the EU laws for food and pharmaceuticals, which have been increasingly tailored to the pharmaceutical industry and its efforts in recent years, it is no longer possible to use CANNEXOL as a food product, food supplement, for therapeutic purposes or even for animal use. The reason for this is the successful effort of the pharmaceutical lobby in recent years. By the implementation of the resulting “guidelines” by the EU Commission  secures the pharmaceutical industry a unique monopoly for foodstuffs and their “additives”.

Due to the “CBD Decree” of the Austrian Federal Government, we are no longer allowed to market our CBD products as food supplements since December 2018.

Therefore all Cannexol products have been re-labelled as aroma oils.  Since our aroma oils are not pharmaceuticals or food supplements, they are declared as “Not suitable for consumption”. For legal reasons, it is not possible to give recommendations for usage or information about dosage.

All Cannexol products are produced according to the same strict HACCP (food safety guidelines) quality standards as before and are batch tested and certified for quality by the independent ARGE Canna.